Wish List

I try my best in my tiny, crowded, understocked kitchen, and believe me, you can cook a LOT with the bare essentials. However, the following things would make my life a lot easier, and in some cases, open up an endless world of possibilities (sauces! muffins! key lime pie!)

Hint hint, Bruno!

  • A really good knife
  • Subscription to Cooking light magazine
  • Cook book with lots of sauce recipes (mexican sauces preferably)
  • A place to grow fresh herbs in a tiny apartment
  • A pizza cutter
  • A book about food photography
  • A book about food presentation
  • A slowcooker cookbook
  • An espresso brewer
  • A new, better camera Yes!!
  • An ice scream scoop Got it!
  • Hand mixer Got this baby for myself.
  • A set of small dipping dishes
  • Blender Got it for my birthday from Bruno!
  • A vegetable peeler
  • A small slowcooker Got it from Nail, thank you! :)
  • An accessible and visible place to put all my spices Got it from Evelyn and Bruno, thank you guys!
  • Milk foamer Got it at Ikea!

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